Month: May 29, 2018

The Cloud

The Cloud. What is it and why is it important?

The Cloud is the fancy way of saying get yourself online and up to date. The cloud is where you should be with all of

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Tax Breaks!

This one is a gem for Small Business Entities. The Government recently released news that they will be extending the $20,000 instant asset write off

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Now that the EOFY is creeping up on us quicker, it’s a great time to double check all your tax return facts. One of the simple

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Are you an Ant or a Grasshopper

LESSONS FROM AN ANT I was listening to the radio the other day to an insect expert and how they had paralleled the psychological behaviours

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SPOTLIGHT REPORTING – A SOFTWARE “SPOTLIGHT” Spotlight Reporting is a fantastic tool that allows businesses to really see their business performance like never before.  The

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