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Company Director, Juston Jirwander was lucky enough to grow up knowing he had a passion to help people succeed. Not sure of how to apply this to his work life, Juston studied a Bachelor Business with a double major in Accounting and Finance at UTS. This led him to working in Chartered Public Practice, where he was able to begin his journey into accounting.

After 8 years in Public Practice, Juston branched out and went on to spend the next 20 years running a range of his own businesses, from start-ups to buyouts.

During this time his career highlights involved growing a company to $13 million in revenue, becoming Chairman of a public company with a turnover of approximately $100 million, and being the advisor to public boards Nationally and abroad.

The pull to help other businesses led Juston back to Public Practice, where he applied his business knowledge and successes to help multiple businesses grow and flourish.

At Bishop Collins, Juston views his main role as a trusted advisor to be able to see opportunities and dangers for clients, before they become aware of them. His diverse experience in business is an asset in the industry as it allows him to approach each client’s circumstance with the knowledge of, owning a business, as well as the expertise in accounting and finance. Combine this with Juston’s genuine interest in seeing each client reach their goals, and his likeable personality, you could possibly consider him a “triple threat”.

Growing up playing soccer and martial arts, it’s no surprise Juston spends his time out of the office being active and inquisitive of new adventures. Hiking, bike riding and traveling to physically difficult places of natural beauty with his family, is where you will find him.

Describing himself in only three words, Juston says he is; personable, playful and strategic. Fantastic qualities that have ultimately led him through the success he has had personally in business, and to help others prosper in their own goals.

Favourite quote:
Love, Life, Learning, Laughter – “meaning of life”

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