Cecille Capucao

Associate Director Audit

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Cecille Capucao has been with Bishop Collins for 12 years and over this time has successfully worked her way to the role of Associate Director.

Cecille is a valuable part of the Bishop Collins Audit team and works as an External Auditor. This role involves executing the audit plan by means of control and substantive testing, reviewing the audit file, forming an audit opinion and lastly presenting an independent review to the client.

This role can at times come with a range of challenges to overcome, but also a wide variety of tasks to work on. Both of which Cecille loves the most about her job.

After graduating from University in 1999 Cecille went on to become a chartered accountant. Attaining this and Associate Director level has been one of the many highlight careers Cecille has achieved.

Cecille describes herself as optimistic, resilient and sensible, which are all fantastic qualities that are displayed throughout her day to day work.

When Cecille is not at work, she spends her time planning short road trips and hopes to one day get to see the Northern Lights.

Favourite Quote:

“Never stop learning because life never stops teaching” – Unknown

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