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Shelley Zalbergs is an Associate Director at Bishop Collins, where she has applied her accounting expertise since May 31, 2010.

Shelley’s foray into the world of accounting traces back to her school days, where Shelley discovered her knack for numbers and a deep-seated passion for demystifying accounting for clients, helping them ‘solve their puzzles ‘.

Shelley completed her Bachelor of Management in 2007 and further enhanced her qualifications by becoming a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) in 2013. Known for her ability to attentively listen to clients’ needs and craft tailored solutions, Shelley excels in turning client consultations into successful outcomes.

Describing herself as organised, caring, and driven, Shelley embodies the qualities that make an exceptional advisor. Outside the office, she enjoys staying active with beach visits, running, and maintaining fitness, alongside valued time catching up with friends and family.

Shelley’s guiding philosophy in life and work is encapsulated in her favourite quote “You get out what you put in”, a principle that she lives by and brings into every client engagement, ensuring dedicated and high-quality service.

Favourite quote:
Love, Life, Learning, Laughter – “meaning of life”

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