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Watch the latest Web TV episodes below


Watch the latest Web TV episodes below

Episode 1: CGT, Negative Gearing, The Labour Party plans and more…

On our first episode of The Money Plan – Tax Edition, we look at Capital Gains Tax, how you can access CGT concessions and the basic rules. Our Industry expert, Shelley Zalbergs, also speaks about the plans the Labour party may have for Negative Gearing and Capital Gains Tax if they were to be elected at the 2019 Federal election

episode 2: Making a loss on your property investment. Changes to rental property travel expenses claims and the difference between commercial and residential tax issues.

This episode of The Money Plan –Tax Edition delves into what happens when you make a loss with your investment property? What happens next? Our industry expert, Jordan Frieze, explains the new residential rental property travel expenses policy and what these changes mean when it comes time to claiming your residential property travel expenses. Our viewer question leads Ian into discussing the differences between residential and commercial tax issues.

episode 3: CGT of the future, Downsizing in retirement and tax implications when subdividing your block.

When talking about property investing, CGT is an unavoidable topic. This episode of The Money Plan– Tax Edition, looks into how CGT will change in the future. Will this be a good or bad thing for your investment? Our guest speaker, Emily Cody, talks about the important issue of downsizing for older Australians and how they can contribute to their superannuation accounts from the proceeds of the sale of their family home.

Do you know if you will be taxed if you subdivide your block of land your family home resides on? Ian Rodrigues answers your questions.

episode 4: Sole or joint ownership of an investment? Withholding for the ATO and living in your investment property.

This episode looks at sole or joint ownership of an investment property. Who should own your property? Shelley Zalbergs is back to talk about the new GST rules in regards to withholding an amount for the ATO, effective from 1 July 2018. And Ian Rodrigues looks at the tax issues you may come up against if you buy an investment property that you intend on living in at some stage in the future.

episode 5: Family Trusts and property investments, land tax PPR exemptions and more…

Family Trusts, what are they? How do they help you? What is the benefits? Should I have a Family Trust for my property investment? This episode of The Money Plan – Tax Edition answers these questions. Jordan Frieze looks at the important issue of land tax PPR exemption and how people are still getting caught out.

episode 6: What structure should you buy your investment property in? SMSFS advantages and disadvantages.

From Family Trusts to Superfunds. This episode of The Money Plan- Tax Edition Ian Rodrigues looks at the advantages and disadvantages of buying your investment property in a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) structure and when the best time to use this structure is. Emily Cody furthers this discussion by looking at some important information released by the ATO in regards to SMSF’s.

episode 7: Claiming deduction if you rent to family, high rental vacancies and slipping rents and granny flats, to build or not to build?

Can you claim deductions for your investment property if you are renting it to a relative or family member? What are the pitfalls and advantages of having relatives as tenants? Ian Rodrigues answers the question. Shelley Zalbergs looks at the issue of record high rental vacancies and the problem of slipping rents. Also Ian Rodrigues answers our viewers question on adding a granny flat to a property investment. Is it the right time? And why are the banks making it more difficult to lend the money to fund the build?

episode 8: Maximising deductions, Mortgage lending trends and selling your investment at a loss?

This episode of The Money Plan – Tax Edition looks at maximising tax deductions in regards to your property investment. What deductions are often overlooked? Also Jordan Frieze looks into the supply and demand issue of weakening home prices continuing further as the demand for new mortgages dries up. What is this all about and how does it affect the property investment market? Also Ian Rodrigues looks into what the tax implications are if you sell your investment property at a loss.

episode 9: I’m confused, what is a repair? The banking Royal Commission and the 50% CGT discount, is everyone eligible?

It can be very confusing as to what a repair is and what is classed as an improvement to your property investment. In this episode Ian Rodrigues explains in more detail how you can differentiate between a repair and an improvement. Emily Cody looks at the Banking Royal Commission and if this credit squeeze is going to become a credit crunch. Ian also looks at the 50% CGT discount if you buy off the plan and sell in less than 12 months.

episode 10: Thinking about starting an Airbnb? We discuss all the tax implications you may need to know in this episode.

Starting an Airbnb. Everyone seems to be doing it. In this episode we look at some of the confusion around what tax implications this may have on you as a host. Once again we have Shelley Zalbergs back. Shelley also looks at the phenomenon that is Airbnb an address some of the concerns you may have if you are thinking about setting up an Airbnb and what you need to know before renting out your home to a stranger.

episode 11: Are you thinking of opening up your home this Summer holiday season to the burgeoning sharing economy of Airbnb or Stayz to make some extra income?

This episode of The Money Plan- Tax Edition focuses on making sure you plan ahead and understand what the tax obligations are that you are going to be faced with. It may not be as profitable as you think. Ian will also take a look at what you should do if you find yourself being Audited. It’s not as scary as you think and can have some advantages.

episode 12: Do you need to live in your Principle Place of Residence?

Today we’re going to be looking at whether you need to live in your Principle Place Of Residence. Our industry expert Emily will be providing you with some information about renting out part of or all of your home. We also address whether building a granny flat out the back has better tax implications than using your house as an Airbnb.

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