What is Capital Gains Tax? How do you calculate Capital Gains Tax?

There is a simple solution to the question “how to calculate Capital Gains Tax (CGT)”. Give it to Bishop Collins Accountants to do! Ok, if you

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How to figure out Payroll Tax, tax deductions related to payroll and deductions from employees pay

Payroll, in terms of taxation, can mean many different things. We’re often asked questions that have various meanings, depending on the person's level of experience asking.

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Are you eligible for Research & Development tax incentives?

Do you have a great idea and need support to commercialise it? The Federal Government provides a refundable tax offset as an incentive to encourage Australian

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financial report fraud

An auditors response to fraud in financial reporting

Fraud is a broad legal concept; the auditor is concerned with fraud that causes a material misstatement in the financial report. An auditor can

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How Does Superannuation Work?

Before we can understand how superannuation works, we need to understand what a superannuation fund is and why we have it

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Small Business Tax Audit Triggers

As the pandemic and associated stimulus now subside, the Government, via the ATO, will be making it a priority to increase revenue collections and reduce

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reducing your tax in Australia

How do high income earners reduce taxes in Australia?

taxes have become increasingly more complex and permeate our personal, business, investment, retirement, and estate planning and leads to the topic of how to minimise

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What’s the Purpose of a Financial Report Audit?

A financial report audit will give your organisation enhanced credibility as well as identify any potential or current risks which may be a threat to

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is my foreign income taxable in australia


As an individual Australian tax resident, you’re taxed on your worldwide income. YES, all of it! At the outset it is important to distinguish if you

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preparing for a financial audit

Prepare for a Financial Audit

How do I prepare for a financial audit for my organisation? What is an audit on my financial statements? Should I be worried about an

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