Bishop Collins Road Trip to Brisbane

Self Storage Association Annual Conference

In the last week of August,  5 staff from Bishop Collins travelled to Brisbane for the annual Self Storage Association Australasia (SSAA) Conference.

The conference was held over 3 days with attendees from all over Australia and New Zealand, who either own a Self Storage Facility, are planning on owning a Self Storage business or are service providers who are experts in the Self Storage Industry.

Bishop Collins was asked to present as keynote speakers on the first day of the trade show.  Our first presentation was from our business services team, Sarah Keenan. Sarah’s presentation highlighted the importance of cloud accounting to your your business.


Our Cloud Accounting seminar aimed at showing how cloud based accounting software can not only simplify your business accounting procedure, it can aid with your bench-marking and KPI targets and the integration of your accounts with specific industry software.

Sarah’s presentation was well received and explained to members of the SSAA how important cloud conversion is, especially with the new Single Touch Payroll (STP) policy coming into effect 1st July 2019.

Our second presentation was hosted by Glenn Harris from our wealth management and audit departments. Glenn spoke to his audience on the importance of restructuring your business assets by means of a self managed super fund (SMSF) and limited recourse borrowing arrangement (LRBA).

Glenn had his listeners engaged and firing questions on the tax benefits of this and the details of how members could set up these processes with their current businesses.

The trade show was a great way to highlight the importance of seeking the best accounting advice for your business. One of the key takeaways we gauged from talking to people was how they underestimated the importance of getting the right advice when starting a business. Your accountant should be able to assist you when starting  business, by ensuring you are set up correctly to:

  1. save tax and maximise growth and wealth
  2. simplify your “paperwork” and finance procedures
  3. ensure you are working efficiently and effectively
  4. and be on board your journey in the business assisting you with growth strategies and risk management procedures

Overall the SSAA convention was a very rewarding experience for the team at Bishop Collins Accountants. We had some great chats with members and met a lot of the facility owners.

Unfortunately due to the large numbers at the conference, we didn’t get a chance to talk to everyone who attended. If you missed us and would like to have a chat, or if you are reading this and you’re in another industry and it has sparked your attention or you are considering seeking advice, we would love to hear from you.

Please call us on 4352 2333 or use our contact us page to send us a message.

Below is short video of our first day with some of the buzz at the trade show and our presenters in action.