Client Stories

Client Stories

Our clients and the stories of their business journey to success

Client Stories

Our clients and the stories of their business journey to success

Why tell our clients stories?

Every business has a story to tell. The path to success is often long and almost certainly not straight and smooth. There are businesses who fasten their seat belts and endure the rocky, steep and windy roads and there are those who turn off the engine and get out of the car on the first few bumps.

Through the generosity of our clients sharing their “business journey” to success, we hope to help anyone who is currently thinking about starting a business or anyone who may have just decided to strap on their seat belts, going through a rocky period in their business development.

These stories will highlight that you are not alone when it comes to over coming challenges in your business. However, they also showcase that with hard work, good advice and determination, following your passion of owning and growing your dream business is also very worthwhile and rewarding.

Olivieri Flowers

Often when you see stories about a business you may see it starting with a line like “from humble beginnings to growing an enterprise” and, although the Olivieri brothers did start their flower business growing only chrysanthemums, in open air paddocks and was somewhat smaller to begin with, for this business to take off from the start, there was nothing humble about it’s beginning.

Read the story of how the “Blooming Passion” from the Olivieri brothers, Joe, Nate and Tony, to start their own flower farm in Doyalson North, has evolved and how they have dealt with some of the challenges that have made them think outside the square.

Central Coast Aero Club

As specialists in the Not For Profit Industry (NFP), Bishop Collins Accountants has the privilege of working with lots of amazing people. The Central Coast Aero Club is one of these clients. However this NFP is a little bit different to others, in that they decided to purchase a flight school to support the Aero Club.

If you want to know how to survive the storm in business, this is a great story to read. Despite some heavy turbulence, Andrew Smith, CEO of Warnervale Airport, has never thought to push the eject button and seems to have navigated his way to a smooth landing.


There is always so much to learn from someone else’s experience in business.

It is especially refreshing to tell the story, of how two friends shared a passion to make a change, turned it into a workable platform and now live their lives doing what they love and at the same time – helping those in need. Humanitix is the only tech-charity in the world that is disrupting the ticketing industry.

Interested in telling your business story?